It would seem as though the cold is behind us, and last week’s spring break seemed to be the deal breaker for Old Man Winter. The early part of the week saw cold mornings and winter fishing patterns, but by week’s end the warm water and humid air definitely had the feeling of Spring. The fish felt it too, with shrimp and baitfish showing up on the rising tide and making all the predators take notice. That’s not to say that winter won’t be missed, as it was one of the best big trout seasons in recent memory.

But on to Spring, because we now have black drum and trout feeding aggressively on live shrimp under corks, and the occasional red dining as well. Lower than average tides for the majority of March had the reds scattered and hard to find for the most part, but the tides are up and the water is warm so that is about to change. The big black drum run down in the CC Ship Channel was the best in years, with huge numbers of good sized fish.

The rain has been steady at the coast throughout the winter including the past week, so salinity is ideal for fishing the Rockport area. In the coming weeks, we will continue to bait up with shrimp primarily, but also add in some mullet and shad for redfish. We are still about 6 weeks from croaker season, but the action on shrimp right now is spectacular. I am sold out in March, and only have a couple days left in April, so if you aren’t already on the books you may need to hustle! Let’s go get some rods bent!