So the afternoon temperatures are still approaching 100 degrees every day…and the water still hits 87 degrees every day…the sunscreen booth is still front and center at the H-E-B…but it’s fall in the coastal bend! It may not seem like it, but the signs are in place. Large flocks of majestic white pelicans are settling into the bays, teal and hummingbirds are pouring into Rockport, and the equinox tide is raising bay water levels and cooling things off. A few passing showers here and there haven’t hurt either. The reds are coming out of their summer slumber, feeding on croaker, cut lady fish, and live and cut mullet with a bit of enthusiasm. The croaker bite is still good for trout, but the average fish is much smaller than it was in July and August. Shrimp fishing is still hit and miss, with water temps still way above seasonal average. Shrimp are hard to keep alive and the population of perch and hard heads makes it a tedious task to say the least. One cold front will change all that! Speaking of, we have one on the calendar that is supposed to push through south Texas next Thursday and bring rain and cooler temperatures…actual fall, to Rockport! This will really kick fall fishing into motion, and based on the number of reds and drum we have around it should be pretty amazing.

I have only one day left in October, but still a handful in November and several in December. If you want to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and the hard feeding fall fish, give me a shout before it passes you by.