On June 18th, a high pressure system settled over central Texas and brought about the hottest (and possibly windiest) July on record. Temps approached 100 every day, and low tides and screaming southwest winds certainly did not help. The water got hot, the fish got lazy, and the fishing was a grind. They were shallow before sunrise, on the reefs by 9am and in the deepest water they could find by 11am. That being said, most days we managed to stay pretty busy by following them as they fled to cool water. Trout and reds alike have been eating croaker and piggy perch pretty well, and some days reds have been hitting cut skipjacks or cut mullet as well. Drum have been tough, as hot water has made live shrimp difficult to find. Here lately the wind has backed off, giving us access to some new water and some more receptive fish.

A tropical system is moving into the gulf as we speak, and Tuesday promises to bring high tides and the first meaningful rain we have had in Rockport in months. This exactly what we need to break this weather cycle and cool the water down a bunch. Historically, this makes the fish go crazy so I’m hoping this week fishing gets really good. It will also lower the salinity and keep fish active through September. I still have a couple days left in early September and a scarce few in October, so if you want to get in on the fall action, better get it booked soon. September 1 the trout regulations return to the five fish limit and the original slots. I’m not in favor of this change, but no one asked me. It will make trout fishing easier, as there seems to be a lot of 16-inches around!