Spring is winding down, and summer is just starting to heat up. Most years, transitions like these make fish hard to keep track of as their routines are changing daily along with their appetite. However this year we are in the midst of a phenomenal migration of menhaden and shrimp, and the gamefish seem delighted to eat both daily. In addition, croakers have been great for some solid trout and a few reds each day as well. This makes the toughest decision whether to fish shrimp under corks and catch drum and reds or to get croaker and catch trout. There is no bad choice either way. It’s nice to have options like these!

The weather has played a part in where we are going and what we are fishing for as well. Two weeks of spotty showers and storms have kept us moving to stay dry and safe, but also dumping plentiful and much needed rain into our fishery. I always preach about how important fresh water is, as it keeps the salinity and water temps low, and keeps the fish biting right into the heat of summer. By the look of it, this summer is going to be one for ages!

I am booked out solid through Fourth of July weekend, so if you are looking to do some fishing you need to get on the book asap. Dates are going fast, and this summer seems like one you do not want to miss!