An unseasonably warm November, December, and start to 2023 has made for some terrific days on the water and some great action for reds, trout, and drum alike. Air temperatures in the low 80s and water in the low to mid-60s has kept schools of fish hungry and active. The Christmas freeze was cold enough to kill all the algae in the water, but had almost no impact on gamefish. This means crystal clear water with sight casting opportunities to some really nice schools of trout and drum. Wading with artificial has provided some surprisingly great trout action, with several fish is the 3-5# range every day, and constant action with smaller fish.

With good numbers of fish hanging around the Rockport area, the winter pattern has been working well. Once fish find a spot with comfortable temps and a good supply of food, they will not move much all winter. This means less time looking and more time catching. Get a winter trip on the books, and see how hot it can get in the winter!