The winds are still blowing, and the small areas we have been able to access are starting to feel the pressure. When a lot of boats are forced into a small amount of water for an extended period of time, something’s got to give. We have begun to see a change in the weather pattern with a bit of rain and some north winds in the last few days, so fingers are crossed that this moves us into a more summer like pattern with reduced winds and green water. In the meantime, creativity has been the key to success, and we have been fortunate to have plenty of both. It may require a longer car ride, or a rough boat ride, but it has been SOOOO worth it for great red and drum action. Live shrimp and cut menhaden are still the go-to choices, and they have been very productive.

Still looking forward to mother nature giving us a break, but in the meantime, plan B has been holding down the fort and then some! Croakers are now available, although a bit small, and the trout will be waiting as soon as the wind backs off. Memorial day weekend is usually a great time for that, so fingers crossed. Summer has gotten very busy, with only a couple days left on my calendar in June and July. If you are already on my books, thank you. If not, better hurry!