Spring is typically a windy time on the Texas coast, and this one has delivered in spades. Winds in the 20’s, 30’s, and even 40’s have been the norm rather than the exception. It does not make for the best boating conditions, but is necessary for fishing. Winds off the gulf bring us our tides, and the baitfish and shrimp that will sustain our gamefish throughout the summer months. There are still multiple effective patterns at play, with shrimp working on shell and sand and cut shad most productive on the grass flats and shorelines during big tides. Reds have been the primary target, with some scattered drum and trout, and even the occasional flounder mixed in. The fish are moving constantly, chasing bait as it migrates, so it may take several stops to zero in on them, but it’s really been worth the effort most days.

A transition period should be coming shortly, with winds subsiding and waters getting a bit clearer. Croakers will be available in the coming weeks, and we will spend more time in search of specs. With the population damage done by the freeze of ’21, we still want to be cautious about overharvesting trout, but catch and release is a great option, and with our help, in a couple of years, the trout will come back strong. Late spring and early summer are filling up fast, so if you aren’t already on my schedule, get there soon or you might miss out.