After a near miss from Hanna, we settled into a more normal summer pattern of low tides and light wind, and trout fishing stayed remarkably consistent despite the heat. Deep reefs were the key, but it got a bit tricky finding bait after the storm. Most bait stands were catching few to no croaker, and it became a matter of who you knew and how early you were willing to wake up. Luckily I know some great people and never sleep! The drum bite stayed pretty good when the tide receded but the reds did the disappearing act they are so famous for in August. Then last week the double whammy of Marco and Laura entered the gulf, and while we didn’t get much rain the tide came pouring in and did its magic. The reds ate well for several days, and some really nice trout moved up onto the shorelines in search of food. The tide continues to stay up even today, and there is still an early redfish bite before heading out to the deep reefs in search of trout. With the promise of a cold front only a week away, both fish and anglers alike are looking forward to a cool down and a subsequent feeding frenzy. Croakers are about done for the year, but the fish are already feeding on the abundant shrimp in the back bays, so the transition should be quick and easy. I have only a couple days left in September and even less in October, so I hope you are already on the books or you may have to wait until November. Luckily, the fishing is great then too!