In the fishing community, the word “grinding” means working hard for your fish. Sometimes Mother Nature, the fish, or the anglers themselves create obstacles that are hard to circumvent. A great guide can work around almost any obstacle with adequate time and patience. The last two weeks, the obstacles have included strong winds, often out of the southwest, low morning tides that leave the water messy and the fish unhappy, and a late bite that begins only when the gulf tide comes riding back in mid-morning. Knowing what to expect and not getting thrown off your game plan are two important steps in successful “grinding,” and the results have been great boxes of fish in less than ideal conditions. Trout have still been the target fish and will continue to be for the next two months or so. Scattered drum and reds have also been making a showing, but the big tide fluctuations have them on the move. The trout are more consistently being found on deeper shell and grass beds, as is normal in late June through early September. When these high pressure systems stop pounding us and the normal summer pattern returns, the “grind” will will give way to some easy fishing for some prolific fish. Maybe a trip to the surf is in the near future, but at least a few more days of wind are in store this week. I have a few days left in August, and thanks to a cancellation I have July 20 open as well. Let me know if you want to get in on some of this summer action.