This past week seemed to be defined by relentless strong winds and tough fishing conditions. The winds started early in the week from the southwest, and gradually swung back to the southeast by Thursday, but their force never wavered. This made the water dirty and the fish tough to pattern. Green water was the key, and there were some pockets of it scattered in Copano and Port bays, as well as Saint Charles. Finding this green water over good grass beds or shell became a trick, but when we did the trout were there and willing to take a croaker. It took a lot of work, but we managed a big box of fish every day. Saturday the winds blew so hard that we abandoned the croakers early and threw shrimp instead. The reds and drum were happy to see us, and it made for yet another great day. Highlights of the week were Kim V with her Texas Slam, including a beautiful flounder and a 6-pound trout that she released, and the Enerson family catching their combined body weight in reds and black drum!

The week ahead seems to be much more pleasant weather than the last, with lower temperatures and significantly less wind. Hopefully this will continue through June, which is typically less windy as a rule. The next few weeks are sold out, so I am filling the last of June and July right now. Call soon to get your summer fishing trip booked, the open days will not last long.