In late March when people decided to stop fishing due to health concerns, things got really slow. But then, all in a matter of days, everyone decided they would not be cooped up any more…and it got BUSY! These last three weeks have been a whirlwind of cold fronts, rain storms, hot and sunny days, crazy wind from all directions, and no wind at all. One thing has remained consistent throughout all this turmoil…BIG FISH!

I try to adjust each fishing day for the conditions and the fish that will be most likely to bite, so we have been chucking everything from live shrimp under popping corks to finger mullet to menhaden to croaker to cut mullet and back around again. The result has been a massive number of fish of all species including some great oversized reds, oversized trout, and even the biggest flounder I have seen in a decade on my boat. The last few days have settled into more of a summer-like pattern, with trout and reds eating predominantly croaker and finger mullet in the shallow reefs and grass beds of our bay system. The 4+inches of rain that has fallen on the water in the last 4 days insures that the bay will stay cool and brackish well into the summer. Speaking of summer, the way the books filled up for May, you might need to act now or there wont be anything left on my calendar for summer. May is sold out, but I still have some days left in June and July to get down here and bust some bruisers!