With the chaos going on in our country right now, we are being told to avoid enclosed spaces with large groups of people. Thing is, I’ve been doing that my entire career and its been working out pretty well. Warmer nights are bumping us into full spring fishing mode, and the results have been great. Live shrimp under popping corks and live finger mullet have made for good catches of reds and some really nice trout here in the last week. In addition, the big drum spawning run in Ingleside has been red hot the last couple days. 14-17 fish per day up to 51 pounds will wear out a lot of arms! I have had a few days pop open in the next couple of weeks due to all this craziness, so if you want to focus on some fun lets go fishing.

On a positive note, the new sled arrived last Thursday! It’s fast, sharp, and ready to fish. Thank you Majek Boatworks, Yamaha, and Premier Yamaha for my sleek new ride!