In the last week, the bait flags have been flying in Rockport and Fulton. While reds and drum have been eating dead shrimp all winter, live shrimp and popping corks add the trout element to the equation. This makes for nonstop action and a nice mixed bag of fish. The winds were blowing hard late last week, and dirty water meant dead bait on the bottom and good boxes of drum and reds. So far early this week the winds relaxed and the tide came up. So did the trout action. Lots of small fish both on shrimp and lures, but some good ones mixed in too. Wading is still best on shallow shell, and Down South Chicken of the C is still #1 on the menu. Spring tides and warm waters mean continually improving fishing, so don’t miss out. This week is sold out, but I still have two days next week. Come on down!