Late last week saw the first true signs of winter, with the temperatures in the low 30s for three nights in a row here in Rockport. We rebounded quickly however, and the last few days have been in the high 70s with nighttime lows in the mid 60s. This, accompanied by some strong incoming tides loaded with shrimp and mullet, is starting to look like spring. Live shrimp flags are flying at bait stands in Rockport and Fulton, and the fish are definitely eating them. This weekend we split our time between bait and lure fishing and both were really productive. Saturday wh threw booth live and dead shrimp, and the biggest problem was finding fish SMALL enough to keep! Huge drum, and lots of them, swarmed the boat at almost every stop and made for some fun sightcasting and tired arms. Sunday the tides came flooding in, and the trout bite was on with Down South Chicken of the C. Lott of fish, and some good size ones, on the knee deep shell in Mesquite and Carlos Bays. Today we were back in the boat with shrimp and caught lots of drum, some nice reds including a 35” monster, and a 4# trout op a popping cork. The fish were biting from the first cast to the last, and it was a great day to be on the water. I still have a couple open days over the next two weeks of spring break, so get down here and enjoy the great weather and hot fishing.