The season has finally sent us a few “cold” days, where we had to actually dress like it was winter in order to go fishing!  In spite of north winds, spitting drizzle, and heavy cloud cover the water temperature remains in the mid-60’s and most of the good fish action is in two feet of water or less.  This week the trout action was steady with several 2-4 pounders in knee deep water over mud and grass and the best color was Custom Corky #55.  The reds and drum are still feeding steadily on dead shrimp on the shallow reefs as long as the water has a bit of a stain to it.  Crystal clear water has been our enemy of late.  A good wind or hard moving tide dirties the water and cranks up the action.  Yesterday, Sabrina and Steve Crooke (pictured below) found a few monsters mixed in with a school of mid-slot drum and reds.  Spring break is fast approaching, so get your fishing booked now before it’s too late